Picture – Fragrant Pandan Plant

Picture Pandan Leaves for Cooking

This is a Pandan plant. It has fragrant leaves that are usually used for cooking. It especially adds an extra flavor to rice by adding a couple of leaves while the rice is being cooked in boiling water.

Picture – Flowering Santan Plant

Red Santan Flower

This is a Santan plant, also known by the its genus, Ixora. Another popular name for it is Jungle Geranium. This lively and vigorous plant thrives on many types of soil and environment. This beautiful plant flowers throughout the year. The flowers often have a sweet taste. Click the image to expand.

Texture – Small Stones on Ground

Medium Stones or Rock Texture Pattern

Feel free to use this stone texture on your projects. This pattern is taken on a Nokia C5 camera. Click the image to expand.

Picture – San Francisco Plant Leaves

San Francisco Plant Leaves on Nokia Camera

A Picture of a San Francisco plant. The plant has easily recognizable colors and leaf shape and patterns. Click the image to expand.

Picture – Indian Mango Leaves

Young Indian Mango Tree Taken on Nokia Camera

A young Indian mango tree with new leaves sprouting. These types of mangoes taste best when not fully ripe and still green. Usually eaten with bagoong or fermented shrimp paste. Click the image to expand.